Annually since 2005 Costa Brava Tourney takes place in Lloret de Mar. Every year 24 great teams from across Europe and from overseas have joined us to play on our beautiful beach.

The essence of this pure mixed tournament is the good games, nice spirit, great amusement and cool parties. Many teams have already come and they have checked it. Won’t you like your team be the next one to come?

Take a look at the list below to see which teams have already played in the tournament.

Teams who participated before:

33 tours Exooups Mekkora Sharks
ABH Ultimate Fendisc Mixxxed Sperrmüll
Ah Ouh Puc Flying rabbits Mokum Spin
Alphabet Soup Force Bistro Monkey Foo Stoemelings
Atis Tirma Frasba dal Lac Mooncatchers Strandläufer
BeeFree Free’s by 66 Mubidisk Strandmixer
Better than Rex Freezzz Beezzz Old Skool Strange Blue
Bolskandisc frisbee helchteren Ooups Team Belgium
Bud Wars Frisbillanas Outernationals Team FOX NEWS
Cachapililla Gentle Patatas Bravas Tookadisc
Can you not throw? Gert Lush Peixets Tookaterics
Captain Drinking Binge Gnadelos Polborins Tourne Disc
Cidbee Gorila Anaranjado Pussycatch Triips
Comets Guayota Randale Tuga
Contact Disc Havana Club (Iznogood) Revolution Air UFO
Corocotta JetSet RFO University of brighton
Croccali Jik-Majika RUFT Upsadaisy
Cusbekistan LABAIS Rusty Bikes Vira O’Disco
D-Cub Leicester (RED) Safari Winds’n’roses
Disctèrics Los Quijotes Salaspils Wiztoo
Disctèrics B LOVE Sand Hoppers XLR8RS
Diz-Cu Malditos Bastardos Selecció Catalana Ziggles
Electrobachata Mamadiadors Selección Galega  Your team? :)