Since 2005 the tournament has had awesome players and winners both on the fields and on the dance floors.

Check the spirit, tournament and costume winners in the historic classification below:

14th edition – 2018 (Casino edition)
Spirit: Touch Back, International
Winner: Winds’n’Roses, Catalonia
2nd: Safari, Spain
3rd: Las Divinas, Spain
Costume: All In, International & Tookadisc, Catalonia

13th edition – 2017 (Superstitious edition)
Spirit: Strandmixer, Germany
Winner: Freezzz Beezzz Birthday Squad, Belgium
2nd: Winds’n’Roses, Catalonia
3rd: Russia Mixed, Russia
Costume: Rubik’s Cube, Germany

12th edition – 2016 (Olympics edition)
Spirit: Sharks, Catalonia
Winner: Randale, Germany
2nd: Winds’n’Roses, Catalonia
3rd: Triips, France
Costume: Alphabet Soup, Europe & Sharks, Catalonia

11th edition – 2015 (Videogame edition)
Spirit: Banana Hammoks, Canada
Winner: FTU, France
2nd: Love, International
3rd: Winds’n’Roses, Catalonia
Costume: Bolskandisc, Spain & Winds’n’Roses, Catalonia

10th edition – 2014 (Happy Birthday edition)
Spirit: Peixets, Catalonia
Winner: Team Fox News, USA
2nd: Love, International
3rd: Guayota, Spain
Costume: Bolskandisc, Spain

9th edition – 2013 (Magic edition)
Spirit: Outernationals, International
Winner: LOVE, International
2nd: Guayota, Spain
3rd: Team Fox News, USA
Costume: Gnadelos, Switzerland & Guayota, Spain

8th edition – 2012 (Superhero edition)
Spirit: Gert Lush, UK
Winner: Diz-Cu, Portugal
2nd: Havana Club, France
3rd: Peixets, Catalonia
Costume: Gnadelos, Switzerland & Peixets, Catalonia

7th edition – 2011 (Scary edition)
Spirit: Diz-Cu, Portugal
Winner: Guayota, Spain
2nd: Corocotta, Spain
3rd: Quijotes, Spain
Costume: Guayota, Spain & Malditos Bastardos, Spain

6th edition – 2010 (Erotic edition)
Spirit: Diz-Cu, Portugal
Winner: Corocotta, Spain
2nd: Guayota, Spain
3rd: Diz-Cu, Portugal
Costume: Gnadelos, Switzerland

5th edition – 2009 (The 80s edition)
Spirit: Gnadelos, Switzerland
Winner: Guayota, Spain
2nd: Diz-Cu, Portugal
3rd: Strange Blue, UK
Costume: Frisbillanas, Spain

4th edition – 2008 (Civilizations edition)
Spirit: Ooups, Germany
Winner: Guayota, Spain
2nd: Spin, Austria
3rd: Atis Tirma, Spain
Costume: Frisbillanas, Spain

3rd edition – 2007 (TV Series edition)
Spirit: Freezzz Beezzz, Belgium
Winner: Atis Tirma, Spain
2nd: Pussycatch, France
3rd: RUFT, Netherlands

2nd edition – 2006 
Spirit: Atis Tirma, Spain
Winner: Mixxxed, International
2nd: Mubidisk, Spain
3rd: Atis Tirma, Spain

1st edition – 2005 
Spirit: Monkey Foo, France
Winner: Mixxxed, International
2nd: Patatas Bravas, Spain
3rd: Atis Tirma, Spain