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Hi guys!

Are you ready for the Costa Brava tourney? We are so looking forward to it and to meet you all in our beach!!!

Since it’s only two weeks and a half from now we have some important informations to share with you and your team mates.

  • This year Costa Brava Tourney goes Eco! So don’t forget your plates/tupper/frisbee, glass/cup/bottle, silvery to eat on the beach.
    Our beach is not fine grane so remember to bring your sand socks or either thick and/or tough socks to protect your feet. If you forget them we will sell socks in our merchandising shop.
  • Remember that on sunday night we are having the costumes contest party. Winners of the night will be awarded with a 50% discount on the team fee for the Costa Brava tourney 2018. Remember the costume theme this year is Superstition!!
  • We are going to have a whatsapp group for any doubt about the tourney you could have. Doubts can be either about organization or competition. A maximum of two players per team will be allowed to be on this group. Please send me the phone number of those who I have to add on the group. This whatsapp group will start working on tuesday 4th of april.
  • We still don’t know the weather forecast but we hope we will have the Costa Brava shinny sun all the tournament so don’t forget your sunscreen!!!
  • Disco Tropics has totally upgrade Boulevard venue and now it will be called Tropic’s Silver. Don’t miss any of our parties, you will feel like being in a brand new disco!!!
  • Costa Brava 2017 will be played following the most recent official WFDF Rules of 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate (2013). In particular:

– 75x25m fields
– Game to 13 points. Cap+1 if 13 points are not reached after 45 minutes.
– Half time is when a team reaches 7 points. Cap+1 if 7 points not reached after 25 minutes. No pause at half time.
– One time-out per team per game. Time-out can be taken at any time, including during cap. Time-out lasts 90 seconds.
– Mixed division: offense decides if 3 women – 2 men or 3 men – 2 women.

Other details:
– Start of game will be announced by a jingle. Teams must have done the toss and chosen side/offense by then. End of game will also be announced by a jingle as well. Delay in starting the game will result in shorter game.
– Members of the organising team will ensure the score and time keeping on each field.


Costa Brava Tourney Team
Published at 22/3/2017