10th February

All marmalade lovers in the house raise your hands up! You gotta taste the ones from Can Bech, one of our sponsors. You’ll find them in our bar as a self service for all those who want to enjoy it.
Is your stomach’s growling???
If you want to know more about the company visit their website:

Do you know how your casino costume will look like? Remember that the best one will get an award!!

We are looking forward to see you in the Platja Gran of Lloret!!!


26th, January

The first sponsor is Cervesa Marina!
Last year they were one of our partnerships and this year they want to be part of the tourney again!

Their beer is crafted with care and accuracy to please their costumers. Do you feel like tasting a crafted beer? Be one of the winners and you’ll get he chance!!!

Costa Brava team wants to thank Cervesa Marina for the collaboration.

To know a little more about all their products you can go to –


After closing the registration process last thursday, we can announce the accepted teams list!

32 teams coming from all over: Switzerland, Germany, UK, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain…

Congrats to all of them

  1. Freezbitch
  2. Los Mofetas
  3. Sun, sex and sospicious backhand
  4. Ex-ooups
  5. Rubik’s cube
  6. Winds n’Roses
  7. Strandmixer
  8. Peixets Ultimate Barcelona
  9. Love
  10. Outernationals
  11. Ginternationals
  12. Mint Ultimate
  13. Brighton Panthers
  14. Schwabinger frisbee baum e.V.
  15. Piranhas
  16. All in
  17. Sharks
  18. 9º team
  19. Chinchilla
  20. White foxes
  21. Santé fusee
  22. Lisbon Ultimate Club
  23. Sandmade
  24. Disctérics
  25. Las divinas
  26. Safari
  27. Electrobachata
  28. Rocinante
  29. Les marsiens
  30. Touch back
  31. Take a break
  32. Les ours